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Monki in Osaka

Hello my fellow Monki lovers!

I have arrived to Osaka to launch Monki in Japan and it is going to be EPIC and  Let’s start with Osaka. (More later). And if you wonder what Monki is?  And same time when you browse website and order some amazingh clothes, listen Monki playlists. My favorite is G.NA       ( dear friend) and LCMDF ( Music monsters from Finland).  

Street view. Note that Monki and Weekday share’s same building!! How cool is that!





If you find this magazine.. GET IT NOW!!! These are rare in Europe!!! Becouse that Mag is Rad!!!



                               Also small article about Monki in Nylon (Japan). I’ll post more.



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Tokyo Fashion part 2  Here is another cool site about Fashion in Tokyo. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.

Here is some photos from their site:

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Tokyo Fashion, get your inspiration from here I found this cool website where are japanese people and they awesome style. I whis that once awhile people would get out from the normal routines and play with different styles and try something new. Not just clothes but something.. Weekend trip alone somewhere “exotic”, enjoy culture and make new friends. Esence of life.

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Toy fanatics  This is our Toy blog. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Going home next week, Tokyo

Do you have that feeling that you belong somewhere else?  Emptiness,void that you need to fill with something meaningful. I’ve been having these feelings for years and even more in these past months. What would it take to change you life the way that you would like it to be? Moving away and start another adventure,leaving everything behind.That’s ok, i don’t need the stuff that fills our apartment and if my husband comes with me, i have everything that i need.                       But for now we are going to  Tokyo for a holiday and lets see what future holds for us.

And i still suck at studying Japanese.


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