Tokyo Fashion part 2  Here is another cool site about Fashion in Tokyo. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.

Here is some photos from their site:

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Tokyo Fashion, get your inspiration from here I found this cool website where are japanese people and they awesome style. I whis that once awhile people would get out from the normal routines and play with different styles and try something new. Not just clothes but something.. Weekend trip alone somewhere “exotic”, enjoy culture and make new friends. Esence of life.

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Toy fanatics  This is our Toy blog. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Kamakura Loving

Had a quick trip to Tokyo in November/December 2011. I would like to share some of these photos with you.   Kamakura Is the place where you should go in summer. Surf, beach, small town feeling, shrines.. just overall whole summer experience that stays in your mind.

Photos are taken by me with a not so good camera. No retouch.

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The Return.

I have been quite busy these months and now i decided to write again.  It’s all about inspiration, moods, life situations, future and past.