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Monki in Osaka

Hello my fellow Monki lovers!

I have arrived to Osaka to launch Monki in Japan and it is going to be EPIC and  Let’s start with Osaka. (More later). And if you wonder what Monki is? Here:www.monki.com  And same time when you browse website and order some amazingh clothes, listen Monki playlists. My favorite is G.NA       ( dear friend) and LCMDF ( Music monsters from Finland). http://www.monki.com/Monki_World  

Street view. Note that Monki and Weekday share’s same building!! How cool is that! http://shop.weekday.com/





If you find this magazine.. GET IT NOW!!! These are rare in Europe!!! Becouse that Mag is Rad!!!



                               Also small article about Monki in Nylon (Japan). I’ll post more.



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Osaka calling


Yes it has been a year..
But hey! There is so cool and exciting things happening that i want to share with you. So let’s start with this : Month in Osaka. More later 🙂


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Monki Mid Season Sale

Check this out! There is some great pieces on sale and cheap! http://www.monki.com/ Go to your nearest Monki and also check the amazing spring collection. ❤




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Monki love.

I went to see the new Monki collection in Copenhagen and this is the best one ever. The collection is fresh, easy going and most important : you can feel the summer ❤ Here is some colors, prints and acc.

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Spring colors.

Here is some new moods from Monki. I really enjoy the light colors and silly sailor theme.

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