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Easy, cheap, organic food.

I am all about good, vegetarian food. And it can be cheap if you want to! Me and me husband went to the market and i got 1 bag of “yesterdays” vegetables.So one huge bag of vegies that is not in so good condition , but still very good and fresh, only 1€! Here’s the picture of what we got ( aubergine is from my fridge and needed to be cooked):

Beetroots, bell peppers, white radish, parsnip, zucchini.
This is the first things what i made:
Super easy zucchini “lasagne”.

Cut 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic in to small cubes.
Sweat the onions quickly on the frying pan.
Get 1 can of tomatoes and mix the onions and the tomatoes in the bowl.
Salt and pepper, little bit of chili powder and i used some of the taco spices that
I had left from the other day.( i know, it’s weird but it works!) Also pinch of sugar,it helps with the acids from the tomatoes and bitter flavor of the aubergine. mix everything.Taste!! Always taste
(Use any spices that you feel like using)

Take a oven proof dish and put layer of tomatoes mix in the bottom. Make a layer of zucchini and tomatoes again. On the top of this delish’ dish i had some lemon pesto and Crumbled some feta cheese that i had in the fridge. Also couple cherry tomato. Sliced.
( normally i use some tofu, parmigiano reggiano and other wonderful  things in the filling,oh)
About 225C’ oven and about 30-40 min. You know your oven and when it is ready.

AND! The white radish. Simple,fresh and very good for you!

Just grate some radish in to the bowl, add dash of rice vinegar,
liiiitlle bit of olive oil and lemon.mix gently.
Make a beautiful portion to your cutest dish and sprinkle some sesame seeds ans basil.
Enjoy as a side dish, with your main course or just as a snack.

Use it raw and cooked. What! Raw! Yeah, mama tells you how:

Wash and peel 2-3 beetroots. (protect yourself with apron and rubber cloves if needed)
Fine and thin slices in to the bowl.
Small splash of vinegar, olive and lemon oil, pepper. Don’t use salt Yet ‘couse it will drain all the fluids from the beets.
These ingredients will “cook” the beets little, so let them rest a bit.
Enjoy with salad, feta cheese and peppers. ( and pinch of salt if needed)

A N D !
oven roasted veggies.
Wash, peel parsnip and beets. Cut in to vedges and add ruffly cut onions. Place in to oven tray.
Drizzle some balsamic vinegar, oil, salt and bell pepper.
220c’-250c’ oven about 30min. You will know when they are ready .

Enjoy with a good salad, wine and cheese.



All of this cost’s : 1€ for the bag of veggies, zucchini 1.20€, tomatoes 0,80c, feta cheese 1.50€. (and all of you have basic seasoning in your kitchen all times) That’s nothing for loads of food! What do we learn from this?

Mama tells you again:

Food is good even when it is last thing you usually buy. Don’t waste anything and shop less. Find your inner hippie (you don’t have to show that to everybody 😉 ) 

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Bio Mio, Copenhagen.

If you enjoy good organic food and you happen to be in Copenhagen, go to BioMio. The food is exelent, service is good and friendly and the athmosphere is relaxed.
Saana loves.

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